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Proactive Monitoring

At Trivium Technology we Proactively monitor all your systems. From your Server and PCs to your Network as a whole. Our monitoring solution helps keep us ahead of the game by alerting us to an issue before you even know it.

Backup Solutions

In the event of a total systems data failure our Off-Site Backup Data Recovery solution has you covered. Incorporating our BDR solution provides nightly on-site and off-site data backup recovery. Your Data is safe in our hands.

IT Security Services

Trivium Technology LLC provides you with a single source of professional expertise and resources you need to streamline system management and support functions at an affordable price.

Office Phone Systems

Trivium Technology offers Support, Installation, and everything in between when it comes to Allworx Phone Systems. Features such as PC, iOS and Android apps; varieties of phone options and mix and match hardware/software phones set Allworx apart from the rest.

MiSys Manufacturing

The Face of Today’s Manufacturing. Integrate seamlessly with the most popular accounting software to help get your business where you want it to be. Reduce inventory costs, eliminate purchasing errors and more. Make manufacuring simple with MiSys! 

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How to protect your business from Phishing Attacks

How to protect your business from Phishing Attacks: From the Help Desk at Trivium Technology Did you know that 1.4 million imposter websites are created each month? Fake versions of Google, your bank’s websites, your credit company’s websites and even fake versions of...

The Adoption Of More Sophisticated Security Technologies

by Frank Leonarad There are a number of new technologies emerging that may start to see wider adoption in 2018. For example, the use of "remote browsers" can be helpful for isolating a user’s browsing session from the network/endpoints....


Last week, a new form of ransomware began making its rounds through Eastern Europe and has spread to several other countries. This new ransomware is similar to the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks that happened earlier this year. At this time, it is unclear how far this...

Trivium Selects Connectwise as it’s new monitoring tool

For immediate release: Trivium Technology the provider of Acctivate and Managed IT Service has selected Connectwise as it's monitoring software for Managed IT Service division. "After a long comparison of most of the existing tools that are out there we have chosen...

Eliminating Hidden Costs for Managed Security Service

Security is vital for small to midsize businesses, but they lack the security expertise, budgets, and staff with dedicated security expertise. At the same time, the lack of security expertise, smaller budgets, and the difficulties inherent in hiring and retaining...

How to Evaluate a CRM Package

HOW TO EVALUATE A CRM SYSTEM The primary concern of any CRM system is to improve relationships with customers and generate higher revenue for your business. Your CRM implementation can track the efficiency of sales and marketing and help build strong relationships...

Why have Managed Services

For many small businesses, hiring an information technology (IT) staff is quite costly. Managed service providers allow them to offload certain IT operations. These organizations assume responsibility for monitoring, managing and resolving IT systems and functions for...

Triviums Rob Leveille become a 3CX Certified Engineer

August 7th 2016 Rob Leveille Partner/Network Engineer at Trivium Technology has become 3CX Certified. This will allow Trivium to deliver the award winning 3CX Windows based phone system to it's existing and new customers. 3CX offers features and benefits that most...