Trivium is a full service information technology firm organized to support the needs of small to mid-size business. We offer a wide range of affordable services and technology solutions that help our clients to effectively capitalize on available resources and maximize their productivity and bottom line results.

Our single most important goal is to build long term client relationships. To achieve this goal, we spend time learning about our clients overall business strategies, objectives and short and long term requirements. Trivium engages only the best certified and highly trained IT professionals and alliance partners so our clients have access to a wide array of diverse technology skills and expertise. We provide clients with creative and best-of–breed technology solutions and our reputation is staked on providing superior customer service regardless of the complexity.

What sets Trivium apart from the competition?

Today, whatever the mission, small business owners are often frustrated with amount of time and budget they must spend to maintain and upgrade their computers and networks. Trivium offers solutions that eliminate the hassles and headaches the wrong technology solution could bring by  helping business owners to learn how to use IT to increase productivity and make money. Our highly trained and certified staff is trained to provide you with specific, one-time solutions or to serve as a complete outsourced IT department.


Frank Leonard

President and CEO

Frank is an industry veteran with over 30 years experience in software sales and IT service. The former president of Integrated Computer and Baesis. Frank’s belief that every business deserves quality IT care at a reasonable price is the driving factor for a new and innovative way to deliver quality IT. Frank has  BA from Boston Collage and a Masters from MIT and is a Six Sigma Black Belt in Process Engineering.

Robert Leveille

VP/Partner and Lead Engineer

Robert has experience in installing and integrating CRM software to fit the needs of any company. Accompanying that experience Robert is knowledgeable in SQL, 3CX PBX phone systems, Network Engineering, and the day to day requirements to handle a successful managed IT services group. Robert stands by his conviction that every company deserves a personable IT experience and that IT should work for those businesses in a fluid and reliable manner.

Frankie Tavares

Helpdesk Team Lead

Frankie brings his expertise in Helpdesk management assuring that all customer needs are met. His responsibilities include monitoring of all system issues that may arrise and applying appropriate measures to remedy them.