MISys Manufacturing announces Trivium top 10 reseller

Trivium Technology, Inc. Named Top-Ten MISys® Manufacturing Business Partner
Local firm named as top reseller of software for small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies

Northborough, MA – December 3rd 2021 – Trivium Technology, Inc. announced today it received recognition from Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. as one of the top ten business partners for their MISys® Manufacturing software in 2021. MISys Manufacturing software helps small- to medium-sized manufacturers reduce inventory costs, eliminate purchasing errors, improve production efficiencies, as well as integrate manufacturing and accounting processes and analyze production costs more accurately. “We are honored to receive this recognition and proud to share it with all our employees and staff,” said Frank Leonard, President of Trivium Technology. “The MISys product line truly represents the best value for small- to medium-sized manufacturers and we look forward to many, many more successful years,” he added.
“We have worked with Frank Leonard and his team at Trivium for many years and they continue to deliver excellent service to their customers,” said Charlie Kimbell, Director of Sales and Marketing at MISys, Inc. “They really understand the needs of manufacturers and know how to put together the right solutions to meet those needs. We are fortunate to have Trivium as a Value-Added Reseller of MISys Manufacturing software. Congratulations and “Thank you” to Frank and Trivium Technology.”
Trivium is a value-added reseller (VAR) of a full line of leading-edge technology products and services for small- to medium-sized manufacturers, enabling them to build more efficient business models, maximize their technology investments, and eliminate the confusion of working with multiple service providers. Baesis uses a proprietary evaluation system to custom develop a MISys Manufacturing solution designed specifically for each customer’s unique needs. Baesis then implements MISys as a stand-alone product or integrates it with popular accounting software to form a complete manufacturing business management system.
About Trivium Technology, Inc.
Trivium Technology. is a Managed Service Provider servicing New England, New York and New Jersey that specializes in accounting and manufacturing software sales, service and support to the small and medium sized manufacturing market. They are Lenovo Premier Partners, Intuit® Solution Providers (QuickBooks® Enterprise), Managed Services Provider plus value added resellers for MISys® manufacturing software. They help business manage their information to become more efficient and more profitable. Visit their website at www.baesis.com
About Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. 

An employee-owned company, MISys has been a leader in the manufacturing software industry for more than 25 years. The comprehensive MISys Manufacturing software integrates with the most widely used accounting programs to form best-of-breed solutions for small to medium-sized manufacturers. While the majority of the 8,000 software installations are in North America, MISys has customers throughout Africa, Australia and the Far East, a total of 52 countries. Software development, technical support, customer service and sales and marketing activities are all based in Woodstock, Vermont. Visit their website at www.misysinc.com.

Trivium Technology has an important security announcement for you!


Trivium Technology has an important security announcement for you!


Here at Trivium Tech, we are always looking for ways to protect your business, add more value to our services and find software/hardware that defends you in proactive ways. We have found an amazing software package that will help your business in ways you would never otherwise know until it is too late.


The tool is called Dark Web Monitoring by Trivium Technology!


Frequently asked questions:


What is the dark web?

The dark web is a space on the internet where criminals and hackers like to exchange information, amongst other things. The most common items you will find on the dark web are: compromised/hacked accounts, credit card information, bank information, email addresses, compromised identities, as well as other important personal/professional details about you and your business. If your password has ever been hacked, if you have ever been phished or a target of online wire fraud – chances are your company’s information is on the dark web.


Why should I care if my company’s or personal information is on the dark web?

Once your information is stolen, compromised, or hacked; chances are 9 times out of 10 it will end up on the dark web’s marketplace first. This is where people buy and sell stolen credentials. This is the first place that hackers go to participate in credit card fraud and identity theft. They also buy and sell email passwords: usually for phishing attacks and wire fraud. Your customers and you are at risk if your data is on the dark web!


How can I protect myself against the Dark Web community?

A solid security plan is a great first step. Something Trivium recommends is a good antivirus solution mixed with Dark Web Monitoring by Trivium Technology. Together, they will protect you in the present and proactively inform you of future attacks. However, antivirus alone is not enough. In some cases, this tool can catch your information before it is sold off to the highest bidder – allowing you to protect accounts and assets or alert authorities before anything further happens. This tool will let you know the second your account or your employee’s accounts have been compromised and put up for sale. This requires no setup from anyone at your company – Trivium will help you manage this.


What will this cost me?

We are prepared to offer this tool at a discount to our loyal customers at $100 a month. Our product is a great value compared to the potential loss if you are attacked. Considering the following: cyber security firm Radware’s 2018-2019 Global Application & Network Security Report, the average cost of a cyber-attack is $1.1 million. This is an increase of 52% on 2017-2018. McAfee has estimated that in 2017, globally, cybercrime cost around $600 billion a year. This is only increasing in 2020 as cyber-attacks are higher than ever.


When can I start protecting my business?

Please reach out to Trivium Technology ASAP to get started!


Please call: 978-219-2500 option 2

Please email: FTavares@TriviumTech.net


Cybersecurity and remote support are top goals for CIOs in 2020

Most IT leaders say their priorities have shifted since the coronavirus pandemic surfaced around the start of the year, says Hitachi ID.

Cybersecurity and remote support are top goals for CIOs in 2020

The spread of COVID-19 created an upheaval that has affected individuals and organizations. Plans and priorities that were set last year or the beginning of this year have shifted as the virus has spread and triggered lockdowns and self-quarantining. This certainly holds true for CIOs who have had to alter their goals for 2020 amid the changing landscape. A survey report published Tuesday by identity management provider Hitachi ID shines a light on the new priorities among IT leaders for 2020.


Based on a recent survey of 131 high-level IT executives, Hitachi ID’s report “Top IT Budget Priorities Through 2020” found that the long-term IT priorities of 70% of the respondents have changed since the start of the year. Cited by 89% of those surveyed, cybersecurity is now considered the top priority for the rest of 2020. Further, 72% of those who mentioned cybersecurity as a long-term goal said their priorities had shifted since January.

Next on the list, remote enablement was cited as the top priority by 82% of the respondents. Other goals mentioned by respondents for 2020 included improvements in customer experience, innovation, migration to the cloud, updating their legacy infrastructure, and hiring.

Image: Hitachi ID

As some efforts and projects move higher on the priority scale, others move lower. Many of the CIOs polled said they’ve focused less on updating on-premises infrastructure, hardware refreshes, conference attendance, training, and hiring.To help them achieve their top priority of cybersecurity, IT leaders are focusing on identity and access management (IAM) above other initiatives. Some 43% of those surveyed said they’re investing in IAM ahead of such areas as endpoint security and security awareness training.

Image: Hitachi ID

“Prioritizing IAM makes sense,” Hitachi ID CEO Kevin Nix said in a press release. “CIOs have been waking up to the fact that most hackers don’t break down the gate—they just unlock it because they already have the keys. Bad actors have been focused on stolen credentials, phishing attacks, and social engineering, especially since the pandemic forced so many employees to work remotely. We’ve seen a new urgency among companies looking for IAM solutions. Last year, businesses might plan to adopt IAM over a year or two. Now they need it next quarter.”

To pay for these new priorities, half of the respondents said they’re looking to increase their budgets. But the amounts vary. Some 33% are eyeing an increase of 5% or less, 13% are looking at an increase between 5% and 10%, and 9% are working on an increase higher than 10%.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has also triggered a greater interest in emerging technologies as a long-term investment. Yet even in the overall scope of emerging tech, the top area being considered this year is security, cited by 87% of respondents. Other emerging tech areas arousing interest include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Advanced Storage Structures, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Edge Computing, and Serverless Computing.

Conducted for Hitachi ID by social research platform Pulse from May to June 2020, the survey elicited responses from CIOs, VPs, and directors at small, midsized, and enterprise companies.


Your Time and Money are Scarce…


Your time and money
are scarce….


Do you want to waste them

on IT support that makes

you need one of these?



  • Does your tech take forever to call you back and respond to your requests?
  • Are you paying them good money to keep things working, but are STILL having constant problems, slowness and other recurring issues?
  • Are you worried they`re not backing up and securing your network?
  • Does your head hurt from having to deal with the hassles?

Are you sick and tired of constant IT, phone and computer problems interrupting your day, frustrating you and your team? Do you feel stuck with an absent-minded computer tech who isn’t delivering the SERVICE you want, but you don’t know who else you can trust to  do a good job without overcharging you? 


If so, I have the solution that will make IT-related issues one headache
you NEVER have to deal with again.


My name is Frank Leonard, President of Trivium Technology. We specialize in tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses and their owners in the New England area with friendly, knowledgeable techs who will put you at ease and resolve your IT problems quickly and efficiently. Chances are you’ve never heard of me or my company before, but when you finish reading this letter, you’ll be glad you finally have.


Why can I make such a bold statement?


Because almost every small business CEO I talk to will confess that their current computer support person – whether it’s a friend who’s good with computers or a “professional” IT company – is NOT completely delivering the level of service they want.  Therefore, they are forced to deal with ongoing technical issues and worry that their network is NOT secure from hackers, ransomware, extended downtime, data loss and a range of data-erasing disasters. Clearly this is unacceptable!



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How to protect your business from Phishing Attacks

How to protect your business from Phishing Attacks:
From the Help Desk
at Trivium Technology

Did you know that 1.4 million imposter websites are created each month? Fake versions of Google, your bank’s websites, your credit company’s websites and even fake versions of Microsoft’s many app websites are floating around on the web. Attackers create these fake websites with the intent on spreading them to unsuspecting users, usually through email. This is called phishing.

But how does phishing affect your business? Well, when a user is asked to type their password into a fake website, the attacker now has a copy of that user’s login information, bank information, or whatever they are trying to get. Sometimes, all they need is to infect your computer or Office 365 account with a fake attachment (looks like a real PDF invoice), but it’s really a cyber-attack!

Cyber security is only as good as the user. If the user “invites” an attacker in by going to a wrong web address or typing their password into a fake website, without proper protection and security techniques in place, the damage to your business could be irreversible.

So, how do you protect your employees and your business? We recommend starting with a three stepped approach:
1. WatchGuard Firewall (Blocks attempts from an attacker to get into your network)
2. Our ESET Antivirus business solution (Combination of Antivirus protection and Microsoft Outlook add-in technology to filter out harmful emails and attachments)
3. User Training
4. Hovering over links before clicking them in an email
5. Not opening attachments from unknown sources
6. NEVER send money through wire transfers without verifying first
To learn more about how to protect your business and technology assets, give us a call at Trivium Technology: 978-219-2500 Option 2