Why have Managed Services

For many small businesses, hiring an information technology (IT) staff is quite costly. Managed service providers allow them to offload certain IT operations. These organizations assume responsibility for monitoring, managing and resolving IT systems and functions for the business. Managed service providers offer a wide range of services, from alerts to data security to patch management to data backup and recovery. And, best of all, they can perform these services on most any device used for business, from desktop PCs to laptops to servers to mobile devices. Offloading the management of a company’s infrastructure to experienced managed services professionals allows the company to redirect its concentration to running the business without all the IT interruptions.

Triviums Rob Leveille become a 3CX Certified Engineer

August 7th 2016 Rob Leveille Partner/Network Engineer at Trivium Technology has become 3CX Certified. This will allow Trivium to deliver the award winning 3CX Windows based phone system to it’s existing and new customers. 3CX offers features and benefits that most phone systems do not have and the ability to manage your own phone system from your office.