Security is vital for small to midsize businesses, but they lack the security expertise, budgets, and staff with dedicated security expertise. At the same time, the lack of security expertise, smaller budgets, and the difficulties inherent in hiring and retaining dedicated security professionals is contributing to an ever-growing demand for managed security service providers (MSSPs). As a result, many traditional IT Service vendors are transitioning into MSSPs in order to provide SMBs with security services alongside their standard offerings.

At the same time, security vendors are challenged with enabling and arming their value-added resellers as they transition into managed security. MSSPs seeking best-in-class products and solutions from multiple vendors to provide security services to their customers can face significant hidden costs because of the TCO associated with deploying, managing, and maintaining joint solutions. It  is not enough that networks are being managed the entire enterprise needs to be managed from the endpoint to every workstations and servers. The small to midsize business today is way to venerable to Ransomware and other attacks that have a profound consequences on there day to day business.

Ease of Deployment, Management, and Maintenance

Trivium Technology delivers enterprise-grade security solutions that enable our Customers to make a smooth transition into managed security. To help reduce the total cost of ownership, apart from the bundled enterprise-grade security services, we focus on ensuring that our products and services co-exist in an ecosystem of solutions from other technology vendors. We gather continuous feedback and prioritization from our Customers to not only deliver best-in-class security with simplified setup and ongoing management, but to add value by integrating with technologies that exist within the network.

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