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I.T. Security is a Multifaceted Approach

To secure your business and office, there are multiple steps that one must consider.

The experts at Trivium Technology can help.

Ways that Trivium Technology can help you be secure within your office and help prevent malicious attacks:

Network Security Audit

Trivium Technology offers a Network Security Audit (now free for a limited time) to new customers. Learn what holes and vulnerabilities are laying hidden within your network. Your network’s security is only as strong as your weakest link!

Firewall Protection

Trivium Technology uses state of the art and cutting edge firewall technologies provided with Watchguard Firebox hardware. Watchguard firewalls help protect attackers from gaining access to your internal network and help prevent malcious attacks against your infrastructure. Learn more about how Watchguard, a trusted name in the industry, can help protect you today.

On-Site Security Consulting

Let Trivium Technology help your greatest business asset: your personnel, learn how to be secure in an online digital world. Trivium can help your staff by teaching ways how to be secure in communications, data transfers, online habits, and more.

Managed Protection

Trivium Technology’s suite of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solutions will help you stay safe while you and your staff browse the web, read emails, download attachments and interact with the outside world. Learn more about how Trivium can help you stay secure by managing your workstations and servers today.